Volunteers’ Comments:

Vivian enjoying a buffet after an English Club outing

Vivian Yee, Los Angeles, California. UCLA Senior in Psychobiology.
Navigator Team June 2007 writes:

I thought the ERC was a great place that students could call home while at university. I thought it was great how convenient the place was for them, especially with internet, music, guitars to play with, and all the English books. The people were really great too, since you could drop by at any time and expect to see one of your friends there! There was always someone you could practice English with or chat with. The English club was also cool, since it involved high school students and students from all majors. It was a great way to meet friends, sing songs, and practice English games. I really liked “playing telephone”!

Nelson Pretending to rideNelson Lim, Singapore, National University of Singapore – School of Computing
Galilee BP Church Operation Chiangmai Team June 2007 :

The English Resource club is truly a great place for anyone who is not just looking for a place to improve their english by leaps and bounds but also to make good friends. The people there are always warm, kind and willing to help. Its like a family where everyone is welcomed. I had a great time making friends and conversing in english with many thai students and even sometimes adults too. What touches my heart is the thai people’s willingness to try to speak english just so I could understand them better. We played lots of games and sang songs that made the whole process of learning English a lot less scary and a lot more fun! Truly the relationships forged with the thai friends there made my trip to Chiangmai a lot more meaningful then a holiday where I see sights and hear sounds and take nice pictures but really have nothing as personal as friendships to bring back home where it can be nurtured through the internet (at least till we meet again!).