Our Staff


We now have 4 full-time staff & 1 intern at the English Resource Corner:  [From left to right]

Miss Saranya Tongkan [P’Apple] is a homegrown member of the ERC. She was in the English Conversation Club from June 2004. She graduated from Payap University in English and came on staff in May 2007. Apple is assistant to Mr Nathaniel Heng, runs the Conversation club, cell group and teaches students Bible.  She has finished 1 year at Chiangmai Theological Seminary and is currently studying at Asia Baptist Theological Seminary.

Mr Suprakate Rattanaprasertsi [P’Gade] is a graduate of Maejo University in Animal Science. Previously, he was a campus director with Campus Crusade for Christ and was formerly in charge of an orphanage. He came on staff at the ERC in June 2005. Gade has finished his Masters in Theology and is now pastoring the Lighthouse church.  He is married to P’Nat and they are expecting their 1st child.

Mr Nathaniel Heng is resident instructor and teacher-in-charge of the English Conversation Club(ECC) and English Resource Corner(ERC). As a full-time English language teacher at Payap University, he started the the ECC in October 2002.

Mr Pakorn Boonme is a full-t

ime student at Chiangmai Theological Seminary.  He is also helping out at the ERC.  He plans to return to his village to teach English and share Christ.

Mrs Nalinee Taleu is our newest staff member since 16 January 2009.  She was junior to P’Gade at Maejo University.  Formerly of Campus Crusade and another NGO, she brings with her an intense desire to share Christ with others.  Her friendly demeanor and natural smile endears her to the students that have joined us this year.

– 24 September 2007

– updated 27 June 2009

English Resource Corner Staff