Helping Out at the ERC and English Conversation Club.

What can I expect to be doing?

You will be engaging students in conversation in a variety of settings.  i.e. sitting together at a meal, working together on English homework, trying to understand Thai and asking for help with certain words, etc.  We function informally in the sense where apart from cell group meetings, we can make appointments to meet with students and just get to know them.

This also involves living with the students in their dorm room or at home.  You will be meeting them for meals and socializing with them.  In addition to English, you may find interest in other languages and subjects, be they math, science or other topics of interest.  You may find that the conversations may drift to talking about God and religion.  Just share about your experience with the Lord Jesus Christ in your life.  Remember, we share our lives, not a formula of salvation.

What should I expect in terms of English proficiency?

You will find both extremes.  We have many English majors who are quite good in English and we have those that have a very rudimentary level of English.  Whatever the case, don’t panic.  Try to find some common topic or interest to talk about.

How can I best help out?

Being flexible and having a genuine interest in making friends will help immensely.  If you are able to coach the students in English or some other subject, that will be much appreciated.  It really depends on you and how outgoing you allow yourself to be.

What can I do to prepare myself to help?

Basic implements such as pens, notebooks, a compact English-Thai, Thai-Englsih dictionary will help.  If you have a camera, pictures of yourself, your family and the like will allow you to easily faciliatate knowing the students better.